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Amaarae Joins Forces with Concord Music Publishing and Immensum Music: A New Chapter in Her Musical Journey

Amaarae Concord Music Publishing and Immensum Music

Exciting news reverberates through the music industry as Ghanaian-American pop artist and songwriter, Amaarae, joins forces with Concord Music Publishing in partnership with Immensum Music. This game-changing collaboration has unlocked new possibilities for the talented artist, encompassing her entire catalog and all forthcoming works, including the much-anticipated 2023 album “Fountain Baby.” Amaarae’s unique sound and visionary approach to songwriting have captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide, making her a coveted addition to Concord’s illustrious roster. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of this partnership and the future that awaits Amaarae as she sets her sights on conquering new horizons.

A Musical Homecoming:

For Amaarae, this partnership with Concord Music Publishing feels like a homecoming. The announcement of the global publishing deal signifies a pivotal moment in her career, offering her a platform to showcase her extraordinary talent to a broader audience. Amaarae expressed her confidence in the teams at Concord and Immensum, who are set to optimize her music’s presence on a global scale.

Amaarae’s Perspective:

“I feel very much at home among Concord’s roster of stellar artists, and I’m confident that the teams at Concord and Immensum will ensure my music is optimized in all the right global spaces,” Amaarae stated. Her words highlight the excitement and anticipation she holds for the future, as this partnership promises to amplify her distinctive sound and creative vision.

Concord Music Publishing’s Stamp of Approval:

Jeremy Yohai, Senior Vice President of A&R at Concord Music Publishing, offered praise for Amaarae, emphasizing her unique vision and innovative approach to songwriting. He described her as “one of the most exciting new voices in pop music.” Amaarae’s artistry, which seamlessly combines elements of pop and other genres, is a testament to her boundless creativity and unique perspective.

Immensum Music’s Role:

Koch Okoye, the founder of Immensum Music, played a pivotal role in this collaboration. He reminisced about the first time he encountered Amaarae’s work through her video for “Fluid” in 2018. He was instantly captivated by the fusion of her distinctive vocal ability and visual expression. This initial connection laid the foundation for a partnership that was years in the making. Okoye’s enthusiasm was palpable as he shared, “We’re all very happy to finally be playing on the same team.” The partnership between Immensum Music and Concord Music Publishing sets the stage for Amaarae’s music to reach new heights.

Amaarae’s partnership with Concord Music Publishing and Immensum Music marks a significant milestone in her musical journey. With her entire catalog and the highly anticipated “Fountain Baby” album in their capable hands, the world is about to witness the next chapter in her extraordinary career. As she joins the ranks of Concord’s celebrated artists, Amaarae’s unique style and creative brilliance are set to shine brighter than ever before. This collaboration exemplifies the power of music to unite artists and industry leaders in a harmonious symphony of creativity, innovation, and boundless potential. Stay tuned as Amaarae takes her music to new global heights, and let the world be serenaded by her unique voice and vision.