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Erica Blasts Alpha Male Over Comment On Queen’s Engagement

Erica Nlewedim, a Big Brother Naija star, has taken issue with Shola, a self-described “alpha male” on Twitter over Queen Mercy Atang

This follows Queen’s announcement of her engagement to David, a biomedical scientist living in the United Kingdom. After months of conjecture, sketch creator Lord Lamba unexpectedly stepped out to confirm that he is the father of Queen’s one-year-old kid.

Because he doesn’t want another man to raise his kid, Lord Lamba even petitioned for custody of his daughter, claiming that his mother and sister would be better able to parent the child.

Amidst the drama, it was revealed that Queen and her partner had been friends since 2016, as substantiated by an eight-year-old photo he shared on his Instagram profile.

So I just saw the news about BBN’s Queen getting engaged to a man she’s been with since 2016, but in between she had a baby with Lord Lamba. This is how a lot of women move, it’s a female self-destructive behavior.

There would be a nice guy in the corner, you wouldn’t take him seriously or you even reject him, then you go to the streets, explore with men who don’t care about you, men who have no plans of keeping you, become a single mom or a baby mama, then go back to the nice guy who has always wanted you, use him as your retirement plan, and you still win since it’s the innocent nice guy that will have to live with all the mess you did put yourself through.

Nice guys always finish last.”

This didn’t sit well with reality TV star, Erica, and she rebuked Shola for turning Queen’s beautiful love story into a teaching moment. She also questioned why he is so bitter.

She quoted the tweet and wrote,

“How bitter can a person be to turn someone’s good news into something so negative, no single congratulations ”