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BBNaija Winner Mercy Eke Slaps Broda Shaggi(See Why)


BB Naija’s Mercy Eke and popular comedian Broda Shaggi are currently in a silent war and our close sources revealed it is because Mercy BBNaija slapped the Instagram comedian.
I am sure you are wondering what happened between both celebrities. Continue to read and we will tell you all we know about the incident.
Could it be a prank gone wrong or a real prank? Relax you will find out in a bit.
We believe it was Broda Shaggi’s fault because he called Mercy Anambra Cardi B. How will you feel if somebody calls you a fake imitation of a particular person? Ok are you ready to know what happened? Here is all we know.
Mercy actually visited Broda Shaggi’s business place to do a transaction with him and in the course of their negotiation, the comedian became rude to Mercy! Mercy was calm at first and even when the comedian kept attacking her with words, she still chose not to walk away from the situation.
Trouble however started when Broda Shaggi’s lawyer got to the scene with the complete transaction papers for Mercy to sign.
Despite Mercy signing the papers, Broda Shaggi refused to honour the full terms of their negotiation which annoyed the ever smiling Mercy.
Their argument caused a fierce quarrel and before you knew it gbam, Broda Shaggi received a very hot slap from Mercy Ike.
All of this was captured on video which can be seen on Broda Shaggi’s Youtube channel.

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