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[Naijashaku Chart] Bonny Island Top 5 Disc Jockeys

Wow #TGIF, The week is about too end and if your in okoloma right now you should be preping up for the weekend bashes and for those at home getting the right mix tape by the right DJ to play at home is kinda really vital, so we this chart for you guys in the LGA of Bonny to know who and who are the top poping DJ’s to pay for and listen to, and our listen begins.

No. 5


DJ virus the Neighborhood record official disc jokey is our number 5 DJ for the chart, his been in the industry for a while but for 2019 his part of the top best.

No. 4

DJ Brown

DJ Brown finimas number 1 son has been making the town of finima proud and bonny in large, under the management of his label socks entertainment and has made allot of good mixes lately.

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No. 3

DJ FreeFlex

DJ Freeflex, an ex-student of Kensarowiwa Polythecnic, Bori and also NLNG RESIDENTIAL AREA official Disc Jockey, pls if him being the no.1 DJ in RA isn’t enough reason to be on this list then I think there ain’t any other reason.But anyways freeflex has been here and slamming officially at the RA Club but also do go out for special events.

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List No1 & 2 is yet to be out but who and who do you guys are our top DJ’s in the island???

Comment your choice below.