Check out Nigerians future president Speed Darlington caught on camera at yaba fighting an okada man

OMG lolz, I know this could be as funny as it sounds but yes it really happened, like caught on tape happening.

So this is how it went down, from live witnesses at the scene, they reported that the Rapper got into a fight the okada all because the man stopped half way on their journey too pick something up, yeah like seriously and that got speedy so furious which you will see from the video, and if you could look at the image above, can clearly see him trying to secure his bag from the okada man forcefully.

But readers sincerely speaking the okada man is at fault and why okada men like all this kind things self and a living witness of such behavior from them and you too speedy why you come get car #Lol our future President.

Check out the video below:

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