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Singer Portable Throwback Photo As “Okada Man” Goes Viral

Portable throwback photo okada man

Controversial Nigerian singer Portable is going viral with an alleged throwback photo from when he was grinding as an “okada man” on the streets.

The photo surfaced on social media recently, and it may be difficult to trace it to a single source. Because everyone seems to be posting it.

Some of the posters have been using it for the regular, never-give-up motivation we see on Facebook and X, while some are simply catching cruise with it.

In the photo alleged to be him, Portable, who rose to popularity in 2022 when he encountered Nigerian rapper Olamide through the dancer Poco Lee and the music promoter Kogbagidi, sat in black clothes and on the tank of a Bajaj motorcycle.

On his left hand sat his colleague (although only his hands were captured) on another motorcycle. The Portable in the photo is, however, different from the one we now know as “Werey Olorin” (Crazy Singer).

There is no tattoo on the “photo” Portable, nor his trademark, rainbow-colored hair. But very believable is the resemblance to the current controversial Nigerian singer Portable, who goes in and out of troubles with police.

In the last two weeks he had been arrested two times and bailed.

You can see the throwback below.

The “Zazuu” crooner is set to go on his first US tour since fame. In a video shortly after his recent arrests, he showed off his America visa and announced the tour.