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After seeing this many of you will stop drinking Budweiser

Budweiser Brewery Experience (Fort Collins, CO) has openly acknowledged through a statement that several employees of its staff have been pissing into their beer tanks in recent years. Adding that all those who have confessed to this aberration are no longer part of their staff. “From now on, you are going to know the authentic Budweiser, without rare flavors or piss in the tanks.”

This confession by Budweiser has been a source of joy for the beer masters who have been criticizing this beer all their lives. “We don’t know how many, but we are aware that many employees were relieving themselves inside the tanks. It is not always urine.

We have

received a testimony from a worker who, before retiring, defecated in the tank moments before going to bottling ”, they explained on their website before apologizing to all their clients.

We had the opportunity to interview one of the employees who has recognized pissing during the years that he worked for Budweiser. His name is Richard Wood, he is 64 years old, and he declares that he did it “just for fun”. In his defense he says that “he was not the only one who did it”, thus explaining the taste of pee that Budweiser beer sometimes has. “But let’s see … who can like Budweiser ? Everyone knows the best beer is Corona”, he declared.