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Davido Apologizes To The Lady He Body-shamed

Davido has publicly apologized to the lady he body-shamed yesterday, 16th of February over her statement on him selling his soul to the devil due to his recent political interest.

A social media user, on the 16th of February, had criticized Davido’s political affiliation, implying in what came off to Davido as him selling his soul to the Davido. In her words “Why is David throwing his toys out the pram because Wizkid didn’t want to sell his vote or sell his soul”

In responding to that message, Davido had attacked the follower, Lolo, who is also a lawyer, body-shaming her and calling her broke. The lawyer, in turn, responded to Davido with a video via her Instastory, stating that she finds it inappropriate that in 2019 men are still body-shaming women when they cannot match the woman’s intellect. Speaking further, she also stated that considering the number of women Davido has,m from daughters, to baby mamas, to girlfriend and his mother, she felt it would be a wrong example for him to reduce a woman to her looks when responding to issues such as these and she received support from social media users and also fans of Davido who attacked the singer for going below the belt.

This apology is coming after the video with Davido saying he’s sorry for being impulsive and wants everyone to know that he appreciates and respects women and didn’t intend to let anger get the worst of him.

“As you know I am a father of 2 beautiful girls, a brother to 2 beautiful ladies, a boyfriend to one beautiful lady and son to the most beautiful woman to ever live. I have them amongst millions of people all over the world watching me and owe them the very best at all times.

“For my reaction and things said in response, I apologise. I let my anger get the better of me and it was wrong. Everyone that knows me knows of my love and respect for women but also my impulsive nature that makes me who I am.”

Read the full apology below;